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Key Points to Remember When Traveling to/from Melaka Sentral Bus Station

Melaka Sentral is a popular destination for the buses from Singapore, and Malaysian states such as Malacca, Penang, Johor, etc. The Melaka Sentral Bus Station connects with the other major cities in the South-West area of Malaysia.

Read on to find out more about the facilities and other features of this bus station.

  • Melaka Sentral bus station connects to the major cities such as Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Pakai, Terengganu, Seremban, etc, and Singapore from across the border.
  • Buses from the Melaka Sentral start from as early as 5 am or as late as 9-11 pm.
  • The bus fare from this bus terminal starts at SGD 2. 89 at lowest and can go up to SGD 13, depending upon the route, type of bus, and the bus operator.
  • There are a total of 30 or more bus operators who have their services going through this bus terminal.
  • The most popular bus operators are these, according to the passenger ratings: KKKL Express (4.32), 707-Inc (4.21), Mayang Sari (4.19), Delima Express (4.08), and StarMart Express (3.41).
  • Depending upon the bus operator, there are several types of buses for service from the standard seaters to the luxurious buses.
  • To accommodate all types of buses, the Melaka Sentral bus station is upgraded and up to date with comfort.
  • The bus station is air-conditioned with proper bus bays for the buses, comfortable seats for the passengers to wait for their buses as well as refreshment areas, ATMs, ticket counters, charging ports, restrooms, etc.
  • The popular places of interest around the bus station are River Walk, Villa Sentosa, Melaka River Cruise, St. Peter's Church, etc.
  • You can find refreshments right there inside the bus station, and if you want to try somewhere else the best options would be Restoran Sri Mawar Ria, The Baboon House, or McDonald’s.
  • Malacca is currently under some restrictions to curb the coronavirus infections so there may be travel restrictions from most parts of Malaysia and Singapore.
  • The redBus portal is ready to provide M-ticket for your travel needs and can book from anywhere at any time deemed convenient. Be it a Bus to KL, Bus to Melaka or KL to Singapore bus, or KL to Singapore bus route, you can book your bus online ticket for Melaka Sentral terminal as your boarding point from redBus and get attractive offers and cashback.

Melaka Sentral Boarding Pass | Avoid Long Queues and Save Time

Melaka Sentral bus terminal helps passengers to choose from an array of bus routes connecting cities like Malacca, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Paka, Terengganu and many more. A number of buses operating from places like Golden Mile Complex, Boon Lay, etc. consider their destination as Melaka Sentral terminal. Simply check on the bus schedules and book online bus tickets on and avoid all the hassles of queuing at bus counters. Passengers can select their preferred bus types operating at Melaka Sentral, which comes in the categories of Executive Coach, Xtreme, Club Class, VIP, Seater, etc.

redBus users can now skip the hassle of standing in a long queue by booking a Melaka Sentral online ticket on redBus, Singapore website and opting in for the special boarding pass with QR code. At present, passengers who have booked bus tickets from Melaka Sentral to their respective destinations need to stand in a long queue for collecting their boarding pass even when they have a confirmed bus ticket. The online tickets need to be exchanged into physical boarding passes. However, by opting for the redBus boarding pass with a QR Code, one can totally skip the queue and take their bus without wasting time. Passengers are only required to show their printed boarding pass at the boarding gate of Melaka Sentral and scan the QR code sent via mail before boarding.

Booking Steps for Melaka Sentral Boarding Pass

Opting-in for the this special redBus boarding pass with QR code required only a few simple steps:

  1. Select Melaka Sentral as your ‘source’ and choose any desired destinations. You would see a QR boarding pass widget on the search result page along with the list of buses available.
  2. Passengers can also see the nominal fee for opting for the boarding pass provided below. Keep the opt-in button on to choose the special boarding pass.
  3. You would then be required to head to the payment section and complete the payment formalities. Once the payment is made, they will receive an email with their boarding pass and QR Code.

If someone is booking tickets for multiple people, there would be more QR codes in the email. In case of canceling and rescheduling the tickets, passengers need to note the following points:

  1. If the user cancels the tickets, the boarding pass and QR code would also be canceled, and the users will receive an email confirmation about the cancellation.
  2. In the case of rescheduling the tickets, a new boarding pass and QR code will be generated, and users will receive the same via email.

Passengers will find the QR code scanner at the boarding gate of Melaka Sentral bus terminal. Also, note that platform details will not be available on the boarding pass. Passengers can check the same from the turnstile screen some time before the departure.

Looking to book a ticket for Bus from Singapore to KL , Bus from Singapore to Malacca, and other popular routes from top operators like Transtar Travel, Starmart Express, Supernice Grassland, Eltabina Jaya Express, KKKL Express, and more? Check out redBus, where you can easily select your boarding point and bus terminal for convenient travel.

Amenities at Melaka Sentral

This bus terminal called Melaka Sentral is fully air-conditioned and consists of comfortable seating arrangements. While you wait for your bus, you can spend time by shopping at the numerous boutiques and fashion outlets located at Melaka Sentral. If you wish to get a drink to cool down, head on along to one of the many food and beverage outlets available here. There are ATMs, VIP Lounges, restrooms, bus ticket counters, mobile charging points and much more.

Popular Bus Operators at Melaka Sentral

There are a number of bus companies/operators providing valuable transport services at Melaka Sentral. All the buses come with neat and clean interiors. They also ensure passenger comfort and safety at all times. Some of the popular bus operators are:

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How can I buy my tickets to Melaka Sentral?
You can buy your bus tickets to and from Melaka Sentral or to any destination of your choice in Singapore by just entering the official website of redBus that is
Should I book my bus ticket at the counter or on the redBus platform?
There are 2 ways in which you can buy a bus ticket nationwide. You can physically go to the terminal of your choice, go to the counter of the bus operator with which you want to travel, queue, select a seat and book your ticket. Or if you prefer you can visit and reserve your seat in 5 minutes from the comfort of your home or office.
Can I choose the terminal I want to arrive or depart through redBus?
Of course you can! Search the terminal of your preference in the pick up point or destiny field, then choose your travel date and click the search button. redBus will show you a list of bus operators that go to your destination and their schedules.
Should I take my printed bus ticket to Melaka Sentral?
It is not necessary to take your printed bus ticket, but you must bring the e-ticket that we send to your email once the purchase is finished. In the terminal, go to the counter of your bus company, present it and they will give you the ticket that you must present at the time of boarding.
What happens if the bus does not leave at the time my ticket dictates and / or is cancelled?
These logistical problems and their solutions need to be consulted directly in the counter of the bus operator.
Will I find a redBus counter at the terminals?
At the moment we do not have our own counters at the terminals. However, for any questions you can contact us through the Call Center or go to the Bus Operator's own counter.
Do I need to make an account on the redBus website to buy a bus ticket?
No, you do not need to make an account with redBus to book a ticket. But it is advisable to make an account to help speed up the buying process the next time you want to travel. Also, redBus offers a number of discounts and offers which you can easily access and use if you are registered.
How do I contact the customer service department of redBus, Singapore?
If you need help with your purchase or if you have any questions about a particular bus operator or route, you can contact the redBus customer service department in Singapore by dialing +65-31637355 or by sending an email to
Is it mandatory to select the boarding pass option while rescheduling the ticket?
No, passengers have an option to deselect the boarding pass by using the toggle key while rescheduling the ticket.
Where would I find the QR scanner at Melaka Sentral Terminal?
You would find the QR code scanner at the boarding area of Melaka Sentral Terminal. The QR scanner also has a turnstile that would show you the platform number after scanning the code.
Do I need to print the boarding pass?
It is recommended that you take a print of both your bus ticket and boarding pass since these are not the other’s replacements. Besides, every bus company has different policies, and you might also be required to show the same while boarding.

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