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Bus From Singapore to Kluang

Singapore to Kluang Bus Schedule & Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus Duration  
The One Travel & Tours 08:45 21:30 2 hrs 15 mins VIEW PRICE
StarMart Express 06:31 21:20 3 hrs 45 mins VIEW PRICE
Five Star Tours 08:45 21:30 2 hrs 15 mins VIEW PRICE


How can I make an online bus ticket booking in Singapore?

A: You can book a bus of your choice to any destination in Singapore by logging on to the official website of redBus which is The site is user-friendly and you can book your bus ticket in a matter of minutes.

How do I book a bus from Singapore to Kluang?

A: You can either visit the terminal and go the booth belonging to the bus operator of your choice, wait in line, select a seat, and book your ticket. If you’d rather not do that, you can visit and book your seat within 5 minutes.

Can I reschedule my journey after I have booked my ticket?

A: Yes, you can. But this feature is limited to only a few bus operators in Singapore. Look for the reschedule icon before booking your ticket.

Singapore to Kluang Bus

Kluang is a hidden village popular as a backpacking tourist destination in Malaysia among trekkers. It is a landlocked town in central Johor and being the only district with no access to the coastal line. Approximately 110 km from Johor Bahru, the actual village of Kluang is a hidden treasure popular for coffee and as a jungle-tracking adventure spot frequented by tourists and backpackers who visit the Gunung Lambak and the Gunung Berlumut trails.

Bus travel guide from Singapore to Kluang

Singapore is a well-developed metropolis that allows tourists to experience both nature and advanced technology and infrastructure. The hidden village of Kluang serves as a popular destination for tourists where they can enjoy backpacking and trekking. It is known for its coffee and is also popular for its jungle adventure sports. One can easily travel from Singapore to Kluang by bus within a short time.

The distance between Singapore and Kluang is approximately 128Km by road, traveling through AH2. The journey is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Along with changes that can occur due to the traffic or sudden climatic variations, the journey can be 3 to 4 hours long.

This can also vary from one operator to another. A large number of tourists and locals prefer traveling between the duration of 6 am and noon to experience a beautiful scenic view. This route is traveled by two bus operators providing 12 trips daily from 6 am and one other bus operator starting 8 am onwards. For further details, use the redBus application and lookup the various bus schedules from Singapore to Kluang.

Singapore to Kluang bus details

As a traveler looking for a mode of transport to use from Singapore to Kluang, you may find it more advantageous and much easier to use a bus traveling the route. You may book the most suitable bus for your travel among the below-mentioned bus companies.

Popular bus operators for the route of Singapore to Kluang:

  1. The One Travel & Tours
  2. StarMart Express
  3. Five Star Tours

Boarding and drop locations can be selected according to the traveler’s convenience and needs from both locations. The following are the most common and preferred locations.

Popular boarding points in Singapore:

  • Golden Mile Tower
  • BoonLay
  • The Plaza Beach Road

Popular drop locations in Kluang:

  • Kluang bus terminal

All types of buses service the above-mentioned points. redBus allows clients to choose the type of bus that adheres to their preferences and requirements. It provides its customers with detailed information about each type of bus servicing this route. The buses differ based on the type of amenities that they provide and the fare.

The types of buses traveling on this route are:

  • SVIP
  • Seater
  • Executive
  • Standard

The prices of the tickets for each bus may vary from one company to another. The price varies between SG$15 to SG$21, depending on the operator and type of bus. redBus filters and puts forward the buses that will be traveling this route. The first bus, belonging to StartMart Express, leaves at about 6:30 am from Garden Mile Tower. The last buses belong to The One Travel & Tours and Five Star Tours, and both leave at about 9:30 pm.

If you’re searching for a bus that will allow you to reach your destination in the shortest possible time, then the best option would be either The One Travel & Tours bus or the Five Star Travels bus. They cover the entire distance in an average time period of 2 hours and 15 minutes as compared to the StarMart Express buses that cover the distance in around 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Things to do in Kluang

  • The Gunung Lambak and the Gunung Berlumut trails are a popular tourist destination for visitors who enjoy trekking and backpacking
  • Tourists enjoy taking pictures with the 3D street artwork in 3D Art Street
  • Kluang is popular for its various Chinese temples. Along with this Kluang allows tourists to experience beautiful fishponds and scenic gardens
  • Tourists would be missing out if you travel to Kluang and do not taste its unique food like Tabnak Beef’s beef noodles
  • The Kluang Coffee factory is a must-visit, allowing you to indulge in the process of learning how the margarine and sugar are combined into the coffee powder. After the tour, visitors are allowed to taste free-cuppa
  • With various restaurants and small businesses spread across a rooftop, the BOX PARK is ideal for visiting and enjoying the nightlife and view.

Bus Fare from Singapore to Kluang

Southeast Asian countries, as well as cities, have evolved a lot. They are growing in terms of tourism, jobs, and a lot of other opportunities. This has also given rise to the travel industry. A bus from Singapore to Kluang is considered a convenient option for people who are stationed in Singapore and are willing to travel to Kluang. Kluang is a very popular village which is known for its ethereal beauty. It won't be wrong to call the place one of the most beautiful places in Malaysia. People who go to Singapore make sure that they visit the beautiful places nearby. Kluang is one such place that the tourists are eager to visit. This small village is also known for its beautiful coffee gardens.

A bus ticket from Singapore to Kluang can be conveniently booked on the redBus website or from the official redBus mobile application. A bus from SG to Kluang can be easily booked given the number of buses that run on this route. The base fare of a Singapore to Kluang bus is about SGD 21. This fare will not be applicable on all the buses. The fare of a Singapore to Kluang bus changes based on the amenities the bus provides. A bus from Singapore to Kluang can be conveniently booked after checking the prices of different buses managed by different bus operators. You can then select a bus that can live up to your expectation and falls under your budget.

Night Bus from Singapore to Kluang

Kluang is known for different tourist spots and also for the unique activities people can do once they reach there. People want to utilize their entire day to travel through the village and enjoy every bit of it. This has made night travel popular for this route. You can easily book a bus and cover the distance between the two places overnight so that you can have some rest and then start afresh with your tourist shenanigans. Different options are available for people when it comes to booking a bus from Singapore to Kluang. You can check out the redBus app to choose a bus that operates at night, and then you can easily make a booking. Different operators provide night buses. You can easily go through their offerings and the amenities they provide before deciding on a particular bus. Some of the popular Singapore to Kluang bus operators that are functional at night are:

  • The One Travel and Tours
  • Five Star Tours
  • StarMart Express

The last bus for most of the operators listed above departs around 8:30. You can choose the bus accordingly.

Travel Duration from Singapore to Kluang

Ideally, you can reach Kluang in about 3 hours. However, some buses can even drop you early as they take a shorter route. Some buses do take a longer route, but they pick up more passengers on their way to Kluang. A bus ticket from Singapore to Kluang can be finalized after checking these details out. Also, the duration of the trip changes if the bus stops at multiple locations throughout the journey. Most buses do not make a pit stop and manage to cover the route in about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Singapore to Kluang Bus Schedule

Bus schedules play a pivotal role when we talk about planning the entire journey. A bus schedule for buses running from Singapore to Kluang and vice versa can be easily obtained from the redBus app or the official redBus website. All the buses managed by different bus operators are listed on the schedule. You can easily view the schedule and then make the booking accordingly. If the schedule changes, all the passengers are informed about such a difference, and the relevant changes are made to the schedule. redBus publishes information on its webpage or its app-only after confirming and discussing with the concerned bus operators.

Tips that will come in handy while booking a Singapore to Kluang bus

Ticket booking for a bus from Singapore to Kluang is made much simpler using either the redBus application or the redBus website. Both the application and the website are user friendly, allowing a person with a basic cell phone or computer to have a much easier and stress-free ticket booking experience. Following the steps below will guide you through the process:

Log into the redBus website or open the redBus application after downloading it on your cell device.

  • Fill in the spaces, provided as “From” and “To”, with the source location as Singapore and the destination as Kluang.
  • Fill the travel dates in the spaces provided.
  • The available buses along with their various operators will be presented to you on clicking the “Search” button.
  • After checking the details and deciding on a particular Singapore to Kluang bus, you may complete the ticket booking process.
  • On confirming your booking, you may make the payment online. 

Visit, your official guide to discovering and booking a comfortable and safe bus journey that best suits your individual needs and requirements. To know more about bus operators, routes, timings, fares, and much more, log on to the official website of redBus or download the app now.

Disclaimer: Bus timings, routes, and fares are subject to change. Please check the redBus app or website for any last-minute changes.

Key Points to Remember When Traveling by Bus From Singapore to Kluang

Kluang is one of the most-visited Malaysian cities and is famous for its farms and recreational activities. Most of the tourists travelling to Kluang from Singapore prefer a bus. redBus can help you in booking a bus from Singapore to Kluang via its easy-to-use mobile application.

Some of the key points to remember while travelling by a Singapore to Kluang bus are as follows:

  • The road distance from Singapore to Kluang (Johor) is around 128 KM. It takes around 2.5 hours to cover this route by bus.
  • First bus from Singapore to Kluang departs at 6:31 AM while the last bus departs at 9:30 PM.
  • The fare of a bus from Singapore to Kluang on redBus starts from SGD 21. The fare of different Singapore to Kluang bus operators can be compared on redBus.
  • There are around three bus operators on redBus servicing this route to choose from. These operators provide more than 10 trips on this route every day.
  • You can also view the reviews & ratings of the bus operators before booking a ticket on redBus. The top-rated bus operators on this route are Five Star Tours (3.47) and StarMart Express (3.41).
  • redBus provides various types of buses on this route by different operators like Standard, Executive, Seater, etc.
  • The top boarding points in Singapore for buses to Kluang are Boon Lay and Golden Mile Tower.
  • The top dropping point in Kluang for buses coming from Singapore is the Kluang Bus Terminal.
  • Kluang is famous for its farms and other natural attractions. The best tourist attractions of Kluang are UK Farm, Tasik MPK Kluang Lake, Sungai Yong Waterfalls, Gunung Lambak, and Zenxin Organic Park.
  • The best places to eat while in Kluang are Bizz, Tangkak Beef, and Star Coffee House & Restaurant.
  • The bus services from Singapore to Kluang are currently suspended on redBus as per the government orders. The cross-border bus services are currently suspended due to the COVID pandemic.
  • You can pre-register on redBus to get notified whenever the cross-border bus services resume. redBus follows all the guidelines and norms related to the COVID scenario.

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    Which is the drop-off point of a bus from Singapore to Kluang?

    A: If you are on a bus from Singapore to Kluang, you will be dropped off at the Kluang bus terminal. Kluang bus terminal is the only drop-off point for all the buses traveling on this route.

    What are the various companies that provide bus services from Singapore to Kluang?

    A: The One Travels and Tours, as well as Starmart Express, operates on this route. These buses are very comfortable and have facilities like WiFi and reclining seats on them. You can book your choice of seat in any of these buses by using the redBus mobile application.

    Are there any ongoing discounts on Singapore to Kluang bus tickets?

    A: redBus offers several discounts and cashback options on all the tickets you buy. The updated information about all the discounts and promo codes available at present can be checked on the redBus website or mobile application. Using these promo codes, your ticket price goes low and your trip becomes super-affordable.

    When do I receive the M-ticket after booking my bus ticket on the redBus?

    A: You receive the message of confirmation of the ticket known as the M-ticket as soon as your booking is confirmed on through redBus. At times, there might be a little delay in receiving the message, but you can always contact customer care to get your issue resolved.

    Is it possible to edit the passenger details after the confirmation of the bus ticket booking?

    A: Yes, you can do it by contacting the customer care support of redBus.

    What are the safety measures being taken in view of COVID-19?

    A: Extreme sanitation measures have been adopted by buses in a bid to curb and prevent the spread of disease.

    Which buses have stops in between?

    A: The StarMart Express buses have two stops, thus increasing the journey time.

    Which buses run non-stop?

    A: The One Travels & Tours bus and the Five Star Tours bus run from source to destination without stopping.

    How far is Kluang from Singapore?

    A: The distance between the two cities is approximately 127.7 kilometers. This distance can be easily covered in 2 hours if the bus from Singapore to Kluang does not stop on the way. You can easily book a Singapore to Kluang bus using the redBus app.

    What is the cheapest way to get from Singapore to Kluang?

    A: There are multiple ways to reach Kluang from Singapore. You can choose any one of them based on your preference and requirements. Your budget will also play a pivotal role in deciding which mode of transportation has to be selected. Traveling via bus is one of the safest as well as the most convenient option to reach Kluang from Singapore. You can book tickets to a bus from Singapore to Kluang using the redBus app in a matter of seconds and then reach your destination without any hassle.

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    • Boon lay
    • 7500A Beach Road, #B1-307/308/309 The Plaza,Singapore 199591 [Tel: +6562911878)
    • Golden mile tower
    • The Plaza Beach Road


    • Kluang
    • Kluang Bus Terminal


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