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There were times when using the public transportation system meant going through an uncomfortable and time-consuming journey. The mere thought of using public transportation and people would get a repulsive feeling. However, the express buses in Singapore have entirely transformed this perception. Fast, safe, and comfortable, these buses have made even long-distance travel feel like a breeze. Today, these buses in Singapore have become the preferred means of transport for commuters.  Not only do these express buses cater to the requirements of a large section of the population, but these are also economical and safe too.

Express buses in Singapore not only offer seamless connectivity between cities within the country, but it has also emerged as the chosen mode of transportation for tourists traveling back and forth from nearby countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

These express buses not only save time but are also lighter on a commuters pocket. For tourists, in particular, express buses have come up as the preferable option to take due to a variety of reasons. From safety, security, and convenience, there is no other mode of transportation that beats the express bus service. Furthermore, the frequency of these buses ensures that you can travel at any time of the day without having to wait.

Why have Express Buses gained popularity amongst commuters in Singapore?

One feature that has made express buses popular in Singapore amongst locals and tourists alike is that these buses stick to their timetable and offer a higher level of comfort to every passenger. Also, you need not book the tickets physically from the departure location. Instead, the facility for online booking provided through the official redBus website or the app offers great relief. You can plan your journey, book the ticket, and even select your preferred seat on the bus, all from the comfort of your home or hotel room. Several discounts in terms of cashback and coupon codes are available too.

The express buses adhere to the highest level of safety and security procedures. Therefore, opting for express buses for your travel means assurance for you and your family of a safe journey. Talking of amenities, many of the coaches have entertainment systems, onboard Wi-Fi, and work desks. There might be a personal LCD entertainment system in the back of the seat that’s in front of you where you can watch your movies. Snacks, meals, and drinks are also served on board most buses. Therefore, when compared to any other mode of transportation, these express buses get a thumbs up.

The buses are furnished with state-of-the-art features ensuring maximum convenience and safety for every passenger. The pushback seats with extra legroom let you stretch your body and relax. The seating space is such that the passengers do not get jammed for space. has made it possible to travel like a king with express buses in Singapore.

Key Shuttle Bus Operators

Presently nearly 80 coach companies are operating in more than 800 routes in Singapore as well as Malaysia. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the two major bus terminals are Puduraya Central offering bus service to the northern locations and the second terminal is called Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) for southbound buses. Both the terminals are top-class when it comes to the amenities served to passengers. One can even compare these terminals to any airport. Shopping plazas, food courts, washrooms, and many other facilities are available at these terminals.

Several bus operators have won the hearts of passengers with their flawless service. The prominent ones are:

  • Transnasional
  • StarMart Express
  • AeroBus
  • Konsortium Singapore

Over the years, these bus operators have earned the trust of commuters and created an impressive reputation for themselves in the industry. The major bus routes among express buses in Singapore are:

  • Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
  • Singapore to Alor Setar
  • Singapore to Ipoh Amanjaya
  • Singapore to KLIA2
  • Singapore to Cameron Highlands
  • Singapore to First World Bus Terminal

Transnasional has been providing transport facilities to passengers for the last 30 years and is known for its safe and comfortable travel experience. StarMart started operations in 1989 and offers coach buses on an hourly basis between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Presently, they have 280 buses plying daily.

Popular routes among express bus operators are:

RouteAverage DurationFares
Singapore to Alor Setar14h 50mSGD 50
Singapore to Cameron Highlands07h 00mSGD 46.5
Singapore to First World Bus Terminal05h 00mSGD 21
Singapore to Ipoh Amanjaya08h 25mSGD 38
Singapore to KLIA207h 00mSGD 36


Q: How many seats are available on an express bus?
A: The buses have variable seating wherein you will find buses with 40 to 70 seating capacity. The seating capacity is based on the tour operator.
Q: How to book tickets for an express bus?
A: Ticket booking can be done online and it’s convenient and straightforward. You have to access the website The site is user-friendly and contains every required piece of information that you could probably be searching for. You can select the date, route, and bus timing of your express bus. A list of bus operators offering services on the chosen route is displayed on the site. You can select your preferred bus and make an online payment. The bus ticket will be sent to your email id and your registered mobile number.
Q: Will the buses be on time?
A: Yes, these buses rigorously follow the timetable and no request is entertained from the passengers that might cause a delay in the bus schedule.
Q: Will there be space for my luggage?
A: Yes, the express buses have sufficient provision for the luggage of every passenger. Your luggage will be safe and secured in the luggage compartments of the bus. There will be ample legroom too on the bus.
Q: Will food be served on board on an express bus?
A: Yes, most buses serve food onboard. However, you need to check it specifically before booking the ticket. It varies from one bus operator to another. All details are specified on the redBus website.
Q: What is an express bus?
A: Express buses are meant to transport passengers from one point to another in a shorter duration when compared to a regular bus service. Express buses achieve this feat by skipping redundant bus stops, by taking expressways on the route, etc. Tickets for a seat on an express bus are generally priced higher when compared to a regular bus.
Q: How much is an express bus ticket?
A: Prices can range from S$20 to S$ 70 for a particular route. The price of an express bus ticket will vary with every route. Express bus ticket prices can also vary depending on the amenities offered on the bus. Visit the official website of redBus or download the app to know more on every express bus that’s offered on the route of your choice.
Q: Which bus operators offer express bus services in Singapore?
A: Some of the bus operators who offer Express Buses are Transnasional, KKKL Bus, StarMart Express, Billion Star Express, Konsortium Singapore, and Aerobus. There are a number of bus operators who provide express buses. Download the redBus app or visit the official website to know more!
Q: Which is the best express bus to Singapore?
A: It is difficult to select one operator that provides the best express bus in Singapore. Every express bus comes with its own perks. Luckily for you, redBus has any and all relevant information pertaining to the bus operator and the express bus that’s provided on a particular route. Customers can use the “Filter” option or the “Sort By” option to zone in on a bus operator that best meets their needs and requirements.
Q: Is there an express bus from Singapore to KL?
A: Yes, there are a number of operators who offer an express bus from Singapore to KL. Visit or download the official app. Enter “Singapore” and “Kuala Lumpur” in the “From” and “To” tabs respectively, enter the date of your journey, and then hit the “Search” button. The bus ticketing platform will display a list of bus operators along with the fares, departure and arrival time, duration of travel, amenities provided, and much more.
Q: Is there an express bus from Singapore to Malacca?
A: Yes, there are a number of operators who offer an express bus from Singapore to Malacca. Visit or download the official app. Enter “Singapore” and “Malacca” in the “From” and “To” tabs respectively, enter the date of your journey, and then hit the “Search” button. The bus ticketing platform will display a list of bus operators along with the fares, departure and arrival time, duration of travel, amenities provided, and much more.


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