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Singapore Public Holidays 2024

Singapore is known for its vibrant culture, rich heritage, and the diverse celebrations that mark its calendar year. The year 2024 is no exception, with an array of public holidays that offer residents and visitors alike the opportunity to partake in festivities, enjoy leisure activities, or simply relax with family and friends. 

Here is a list of the public holidays for 2024, along with their dates and the significance behind each celebration.

New Year’s Day

  • Date: Monday, 1 January 2024
  • Significance: Marks the first day of the year on the Gregorian calendar, celebrated with fireworks, parties, and gatherings.

Chinese New Year

  • Dates: Saturday, 10 February 2024, and Sunday, 11 February 2024
  • Significance: A key festival for the Chinese community, welcoming the Lunar New Year with family reunions, traditional foods, lion dances, and red envelopes (ang pows).

Good Friday

  • Date: Friday, 29 March 2024
  • Significance: A Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary, observed with church services.

Hari Raya Puasa

  • Date: Wednesday, 10 April 2024
  • Significance: Celebrates the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. The day is marked with prayers, feasting, and visiting relatives.

Labour Day

  • Date: Wednesday, 1 May 2024
  • Significance: Honors the achievements and contributions of workers, observed as a day of rest and rallies.

Vesak Day

  • Date: Wednesday, 22 May 2024
  • Significance: Vesak day is a prominent Buddhist festival that commemorates the birth, enlightenment (Buddhahood), and death (Parinirvāna) of Gautama Buddha.

Hari Raya Haji

  • Date: Monday, 17 June 2024
  • Significance: Known as the Festival of Sacrifice, it commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son in obedience to God's command. It is marked by prayers, and the distribution of meat to the needy.

National Day

  • Date: Friday, 9 August 2024
  • Significance: Celebrates Singapore’s Independence day from Malaysia in 1965, observed with a parade, fireworks, and nationalistic events.


  • Date: Thursday, 31 October 2024
  • Significance: Deepavali aka the festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, marking the victory of light over darkness and good over evil, observed with oil lamps, prayers, and festive foods.

Christmas Day

  • Date: Wednesday, 25 December 2024
  • Significance: Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, observed with church services, gift-giving, and festive decorations.

Planning for the Public Holidays with redBus, Singapore

The public holidays in Singapore provide a wonderful opportunity for all to engage in cultural activities, spend quality time with loved ones, or enjoy the many attractions the island has to offer. Whether you're planning a staycation for Singapore school holidays, a trip abroad, or looking forward to the local festivities, these dates are key to making the most out of your year.

Holidays not only offer a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but also a chance to celebrate the diversity and unity among people. Mark your calendars and get ready to enjoy the myriad of experiences that these special days bring. 

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