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School Holidays for 2024

The 2024 academic year for all Ministry of Education (MOE) primary schools, including MOE Kindergartens, and secondary schools in Singapore, has commenced on Tuesday, 2 January 2024, and will conclude on Friday, 15 November 2024.

Detailed School Calendar for 2024

For MOE Kindergartens, Primary, and Secondary Schools:

Semester I

  • Term I: 2 January (Tuesday) to 8 March (Friday)
    Term II: 18 March (Monday) to 24 May (Friday)

Semester II

  • Term III: 24 June (Monday) to 30 August (Friday)
    Term IV: 9 September (Monday) to 15 November (Friday)

Students in Primary 1 and Kindergarten 1 will begin their school year on Tuesday, 2 January 2024, while those in Primary 2 to 6 and Kindergarten 2 will start on Wednesday, 3 January 2024. The final school day for institutions serving as venues for the GCE O-Level written examinations will be on 25 October 2024, Friday.

For Junior Colleges and the Millennia Institute:

Semester I:

  • Term I for JC Year 1 & MI Year 1: 2 February (Friday) to 8 March (Friday); for MI Year 2: 8 January (Monday) to 8 March (Friday)
    Term II for all: 18 March (Monday) to 24 May (Friday)

Semester II

  • Term III for all: 24 June (Monday) to 30 August (Friday)
    Term IV for JC Year 1, MI Year 1 & MI Year 2: 9 September (Monday) to 22 November (Friday); for JC Year 2 & MI Year 3: 9 September (Monday) until the end of the GCE A-Level examinations

School Vacation Periods for 2024

For Kindergartens, Primary & Secondary Schools

  • Between Terms I & II: 9 March (Saturday) to 17 March (Sunday)
  • Between Semesters I & II: 25 May (Saturday) to 23 June (Sunday)
  • Between Terms III & IV: 31 August (Saturday) to 8 September (Sunday)
  • End of School Year: 16 November (Saturday) to 31 December (Tuesday)

For Junior Colleges & Millennia Institute

  • Same as above, with the End of School Year vacation for JC Year 2 & MI Year 3 extending from the end of GCE A-Level examinations to 31 December.

Scheduled School and Public Holidays for 2024

12 February (Monday) will be observed as a public holiday, with 13 February (Tuesday) designated as a school holiday and a day off-in-lieu. This means schools, including general offices, student care centers, and kindergarten care centers, will be closed.

Also, Children's Day is applicable to Kindergartens, primary schools, and primary sections of full schools only.

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New Year’s Day: 1 January (Monday)Chinese New Year: 10 February (Saturday) and 11 February (Sunday)
Good Friday: 29 March (Friday)Hari Raya Puasa: 10 April (Wednesday)
Labour Day: 1 May (Wednesday)Vesak Day: 22 May (Wednesday)
Hari Raya Haji: 17 June (Monday)Youth Day: 30 June (Sunday)
National Day: 9 August (Friday)Teachers’ Day: 30 August (Friday)
Children’s Day: 4 October (Friday)Deepavali: 31 October (Thursday)
Christmas Day: 25 December (Wednesday)