Batam Centre Ferry Terminal

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Batam Centre Ferry Terminal Ticket Booking

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Batam Island through its various ferry terminals, providing convenient access and seamless travel experiences. Whether you're arriving from Singapore or exploring within Batam, these terminals offer excellent facilities and connectivity.

Batam Ferry Terminal serves as a vital transportation hub connecting Batam Island, Indonesia, with neighboring areas like Singapore and Malaysia. Offering convenience and efficiency, the terminal facilitates numerous ferry routes, making it a crucial point of entry for travelers visiting Batam.

Batam Centre Ferry Terminal, located on the island of Batam in Indonesia, is a bustling transportation hub that connects Batam with several other destinations, including Singapore and Malaysia. Ferries are available to and from other terminals like the HarbourFront Centre terminal, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and more. 

This modern and well-equipped ferry terminal serves as a gateway for travelers entering and leaving Batam. It offers a wide range of facilities and services, making it a convenient starting point for exploring the beautiful island of Batam or continuing your journey to nearby destinations. With its strategic location and efficient operations, Batam Centre Ferry Terminal plays a crucial role in the region's transportation network, ensuring that passengers have a smooth and pleasant travel experience.

The Batam Ferry Terminal schedule depends on the route you choose but there are ferries available throughout the day. 

Address of Batam Centre Ferry Terminal

Jl. Engku Putri Utara, Tlk. Tering, Kec.

Batam Kota, Kota Batam

Kepulauan Riau 29401,


The contact of Batam Centre Ferry Terminal is:

Phone: +62 (778) 464666

Fax: +62 (778) 467795


Location of Batam Centre Ferry Terminal

How to Get to Batam Centre Ferry Terminal

You can use public transport to get to the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal. There are several bus stops near the terminal and you can also book cabs, or shuttle bus. If you are staying at a hotel near Batam Centre, you can ask the front desk to provide a car. However, taking a bus will be the cheapest and most affordable option. But, if you have several bags or if you are travelling in a group, you can choose to travel by cab or car.

Taking the Bus to Batam Centre Ferry Terminal

Bus - The bus stop nearest to the ferry terminal is the Mega Mall Batam Centre. Many buses stop at the shopping mall and the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal is just four minutes from it.

There are several other bus terminals near Batam Centre Ferry Terminal, and these include Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall bus stop, Halte Bri Nagoya A bus station and the Jodoh Terminal. Buses are available to these from many major bus stands around the country. You can either take a cab or walk to the ferry terminal once you get down at any of these bus terminals. Alternatively, you can also book your bus ticket online .

Shuttle Bus - Batam features an extensive public transportation network, including buses and mini busses, which provide affordable means of reaching the ferry terminal. Another cheap and quick way to travel to the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal is by shuttle. Shuttle services are available from the airports. You can book shuttle services from the PT Bandara Internasional Batam or the Hang Nadim Airport.

Taking a Cab to Batam Centre Ferry Terminal

Cabs - Cabs and rental cars are available at Batam Centre all throughout the day. You can easily book a taxi or rent a car, especially from your hotel or any of the airports and travel to the ferry terminal.

Amenities Available at the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal

Batam Ferry Terminal has many modern amenities that make it convenient for passengers while waiting for their ferry. Following are some of the best amenities that you will find at the terminal -

  • Parking faciltiy: Car park for passengers
  • Waiting Areas: Spacious and comfortable waiting areas are provided for passengers, equipped with seating and amenities to relax before boarding. The clean and well-maintained restroom facilities are accessible for the convenience of passengers with comfortable seats for passengers who are waiting
  • Wheelchair accessible terminal
  • Clean toilets
  • Restaurants: Various eateries and cafes are available within the terminal premises, offering a selection of refreshments and snacks for travelers
  • Shopping malls and retails shops: Retail outlets and duty-free stores offer a range of products, allowing passengers to indulge in some last-minute shopping before departure
  • Enquiry office for prompt assistance: These Information desks are staffed with knowledgeable personnel provide assistance to passengers regarding terminal facilities, ferry schedules, and other inquiries
  • Transportation Services: Shuttle services or transportation arrangements to nearby accommodations or attractions are often available for the convenience of travelers upon arrival at the terminal.

Popular Batam Centre Ferry Terminal Routes 

Batam Ferry Terminal caters to various ferry routes, facilitating seamless travel between Batam and nearby destinations. You can book a ferry on domestic routes as well as on international routes. A popular international ferry route is from Batam Centre Ferry Terminal to Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal in Johor Bahru.

More ferries are available, connecting Batam Centre in Indonesia to cities across Singapore and Malaysia.

Here are the popular routes to and from Batam Centre - 

Popular Ferry Operators that Serve Batam Centre

Terminal Fee Information

Travellers must pay a nominal terminal fee over and above the ferry ticket prices to the ferry terminals in Indonesia and Singapore. The terminal fee varies by country and must be paid to the terminal operator at the ferry terminal.

While there are also surcharges and peak prices, the terminal fee has to be paid at the terminal unless stated otherwise, as included in the ferry tickets. It is advised that you check the ticket inclusions when making the ferry ticket booking online.

Singapore Passenger Departure Fee (SPDF)

For all ferry trips departing from Harbourfront Centre or Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore as the source, a Singapore Passenger Departure Fee of SGD10 per person is applicable.

Terminal Fee For Ferry Trips From Batam

For all ferry trips departing from Badan Pengusahaan Batam (BP Batam), including Batam Centre, Sekupang and Waterfront ferry terminals, a Batam Terminal Fee of IDR100,000 per passenger is applicable.

Things to Do Near the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal

When you are at the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal, you may have to wait a while for your ferry to arrive. This wait need not be boring as there is a lot to do in and around the ferry terminal. With several eateries and shops around, you can have a pleasant time before your ferry arrives.

  • Go shopping and spend some time at the arcade at Mega Mall Batam Centre.
  • Watch a movie at the theatre in Mega Mall if you have a couple of hours to spend before your ferry arrives
  • Enjoy delicious local food from eateries near the ferry terminal.
  • Visit Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre on your way to Batam Centre Ferry Terminal and pick up any gadgets that you might need.
  • Visit Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam and enjoy some time at this beachside amusement park, especially when you are with friends and family.

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Which ferry company is best to Batam?

There are several ferry operators that ply ferries to Batam. From Batam Fast, to Sindo Ferry, Horizon Fast Ferry, and Majestic Fast Ferry, you can choose any of the popular ferry operators

How many ferry terminals are there in Batam?

Batam is connected to other mainland regions via ferry services. There are 5 international ferry terminals to keep transportation smooth namely:

  • Batam Center Ferry terminal
  • Sekupang Ferry Terminal
  • Marina Waterfront Ferry Terminal
  • Nongsapura Ferry Terminal
  • Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal
How to get to Batam city?

You can reach Batam city by taking a ferry from nearby locations such as Singapore or Malaysia.

How do you travel around Batam?

You can travel around Batam by using taxis, rental cars, or hiring a local driver. Additionally, there are also local minivans and buses available. To visit nearby islands, you can take ferries. 

How far is Sekupang Ferry Terminal to Batam Centre?

The distance between Sekupang Ferry Terminal and Batam Centre Ferry Terminal is approximately 12 kilometers. Travel time may vary depending on traffic conditions.

How long is the distance between GGI Hotel Batam and Batam ferry terminal?

The travel time between GGI Hotel Batam and the nearest ferry terminal may vary depending on the specific terminal and traffic conditions. It's recommended to check with the hotel for transportation options and estimated travel time.

What is the distance from Pelabuhan Pasir Gudang to Batam Centre Ferry Terminal?

The travel time from Pelabuhan Pasir Gudang to Batam Centre Ferry Terminal by ferry varies depending on the ferry schedule and sea conditions. It's advisable to check with the ferry operator for the most accurate information.