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Booking Ferry Tickets with redBus Singapore

Welcome to redBus Singapore, one of the best online ferry ticket booking platforms and your trusted travel partner. With over 36 million satisfied customers worldwide, redBus offers online ferry ticket booking services to and from Singapore to islands like Batam, Bintan, Desaru etc.. redBus Ferry brings you a comprehensive list of Singapore ferry ticket prices and ferry schedules to and from nearby islands, making it your go-to choice for hassle-free online ferry booking.

Top Ferry Operators and Ferry Routes

When it comes to ferry travel, we've partnered with the best ferry operators in Singapore, including Sindo Ferry, Batam Fast, Bintan Resort Ferries. These ferry operators are known for delivering exceptional services, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey to the islands like Batam, Bintan and more.

How to Book a Ferry Ticket in 3 Easy Steps

Booking your ferry ticket online has never been simpler. With redBus, you can complete the process in just 3 easy steps:.

  • Choose your destination, select your travel dates, and specify the number of passengers
  • Get a list of available ferries, along with their ticket prices and schedules.
  • Select the ferry that best suits your plans, make a secure payment, and voilà – your online ferry ticket is ready

Say goodbye to long queues and welcome the convenience of online ferry booking!

Book Ferry Tickets Online with Cheaper than Counter Deals Now

Ready to embark on your island adventure? Look no further than redBus Singapore. Our user-friendly platform, top-notch ferry operator partnerships, and unbeatable prices make us the ideal choice for booking ferry tickets online. Plus, we offer exclusive deals that can help you save up to 50% on your ferry bookings. So, whether you're traveling for business or leisure, choose wisely and plan your journey with redBus Ferry for the most budget-friendly and hassle-free experience.

Join our community of satisfied travelers and experience hassle-free ferry ticket booking like never before. Don't wait! Secure your ferry tickets online with redBus Singapore today and set sail for unforgettable island experiences.

Book Ferry Tickets Easily with redBus!


How to buy a ferry ticket in Singapore?

A: While you can buy a ferry ticket at ferry terminals, booking your ferry tickets online is best. When you book a ferry ticket online, you get access to low-price ferry tickets and incredible deals that help you save more on your ferry booking.

How can I book a ferry ticket cheaply?

A: Booking ferry tickets affordably is easy with redBus, Singapore. To snag the best deals and discounts, visit our website and select your desired ferry route. Use code RBFERRY and get up to 50% on your online ferry booking.

What is the cheapest day to go on a ferry?

A: The cheapest day to go on a ferry can vary depending on the route and operator. Generally, mid-week days like Tuesday and Wednesday tend to have lower fares compared to weekends when demand is higher. To find the cheapest day for your specific ferry route, use redBus to compare prices and availability.

When should I book ferry tickets?

A: It's advisable to book ferry tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons or for popular routes. Booking early not only ensures you secure your preferred ferry but also often comes with discounted rates. redBus allows you to book ferry tickets well in advance, so you can plan your trip with peace of mind.

How can I save money on ferries?

A: To save money on ferry bookings, watch for special promotions and discounts redBus offers. Additionally, booking your ferry tickets in advance can often lead to cost savings. Consider traveling during off-peak times or weekdays, as fares are typically lower. Lastly, be flexible with your travel dates and compare prices to find the best deals for your chosen ferry route.

Is it cheaper to buy ferry tickets at the port?

A: Buying ferry tickets online will be much cheaper than at the terminal window. You can get incredible discounts and low prices when you opt for online ferry ticket booking.

Is a passport required for a ferry?

A: All travelers need a passport with 6 months' validity to board a ferry to Batam, Bintan and other islands that are part of international borders. Check Entry Requirements.

Is it better to buy ferry tickets in advance?

A: Yes, it is advisable to purchase ferry tickets in advance, especially during peak seasons or popular travel times. Buying tickets ahead of time ensures availability, secures your preferred departure schedule, and helps avoid last-minute rushes or sold-out situations. Additionally, some ferry operators may offer discounts or promotions for early bookings, adding to the benefits of planning.

How do I get the best price on ferries?

A: To secure the best prices on ferry tickets, consider the following tips:

  • Book Early: Prices may be lower when booking in advance.
  • Flexible Dates: Be open to flexible travel dates, as fares can vary depending on the day and time.
  • Promotions and Discounts: Keep an eye out for special promotions, discounts, or package deals offered by ferry operators.
  • Online Booking Platforms: Utilize online booking platforms, where you can compare prices, view schedules, and potentially access exclusive online discounts.

Do I need to print my ferry tickets?

A: You don't necessarily have to print your ferry tickets. E-ticket and M tickets on your smartphone are accepted at the ferry terminal.

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