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Night Buses in Singapore

Looking for a Night Buses to or from Singapore? redBus has you covered! It can be quite exhausting if you have to spend an entire day travelling on a bus. Look for a comfortable night bus from the plethora of bus options that redBus has to offer on numerous routes across Singapore. Select a bus from the myriad of bus operators that are available on the redBus platform and get your well-deserved rest before reaching your destination.

You can use any of the filters that are available such as coach company, duration, pick-up and drop-off point, and more to help you book the bus of your choice. You can even take a look at the amenities that the bus has to offer that could make your bus journey at night all the more comfortable. Bus timings will differ from one operator to another.


Q: What are the advantages of a night bus in Singapore?
A: Night buses offer a number of advantages over booking a bus during the day. Some of these advantages include travelling in less traffic-congested roads, time to sleep and rest, discounts offered on night buses (varies from operator to operator), and much more.
Q: How soon should I book my bus tickets on a night bus in Singapore?
A: Sooner the better. If you book your bus tickets early on a night bus in Singapore, you will have a wider choice of operators, and more importantly, a wider selection of available seats to choose. If you wish to select a window seat in a particular section of the bus, book your bus tickets as soon as you can.
Q: Are night buses in Singapore safe?
A: Night buses in Singapore are operated by a team of competent bus drivers who are experienced and trained. They are directed to follow the rules of the road, and they also ensure that they drive at an acceptable speed limit while keeping passenger safety and comfort at their top-most priority.