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Kuala Lumpur to Machang Bus with WiFi

Buses with WiFi in Singapore

There’s only so much time that you can spend admiring the beauty of Singapore through the windows of a bus. You will need some form of entertainment or distraction to keep you busy on your bus journey. Now, you can look for a bus that comes with WiFi when you book your bus journey to and from Singapore. Listen to music, stream a movie or your favourite show, or catch up on the latest news or travel tips before reaching your destination by booking a bus that comes with WiFi.

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Q: How fast is the WiFi connection on the bus?
A: The internet speed on a bus is subject to change from operator to operator and can change with time. You can get in touch with the bus operator to know the exact speed that’s offered on a particular bus.
Q: Is the network safe?
A: As with any WiFi network that’s available to the public, it comes with its risks. It is advisable not to use the WiFi if you have to access Government or sensitive information on the bus WiFi network. You can use the internet on the bus to stream a movie, listen to music, Google Maps, research on your destination, etc.